Book Fair Gotebörg. Suecia

Literature from Catalonia will, alongside the main theme of Brazil, be a significant feature of Göteborg Book Fair. Eleven writers from Catalonia will participate in seminars and on-stage events.

Press dossier (ENG)

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 Nuria Amat was born in Barcelona, Spain, where she now lives. She has spent long periods in Colombia, Mexico, Berlin, Paris and the United States. Amat holds a PhD in Information Science and Technology (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) and has taught at the Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Barcelona. Her novels and short stories have established her as one of the foremost Spanish authors in recent years. She has also published essays and poetry, as well as written for the press and the theatre.

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Orden Alejo Zuloaga

En octubre 2013 recibió la Orden Alejo Zuloaga, Venezuela, previo su discurso de apertura a la Feria del Libro, Valencia, que con convocatorias anteriores recibieron Fernando Savater, Carlos Monsiváis, Antonio Gamoneda, Julio Ortega o Antonio Skármeta entre otros.